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In considering the social media “celebrity” or just the social networked persona, this lesser-known Mc Luhan quote better captures the tongue-in-cheek nature of artist Jill Pangallo, whose work interrogates social networked identities and personas: “The stars so big, The Earth is so small, Stay as you are.”I wasn’t at Pangallo’s latest performance at Austin’s MASS Gallery as part of her residency at Hotbox, but it doesn’t matter.I experienced it online, and the internet is the medium, which is the message and the massage, rubbing your brain into your body and into the internet worlds beyond. The actual performance, as Pangallo explains to me via email, was part reading, then screening an accompanying video interspersed with conversations about process.På så sätt kan du enkelt hitta andra Ryan Adams-fans, eller var det Bryan?Bensin är dyrt och dåligt för miljön, SJ är försenade och flygen blir ju bara inställda.When speaking likes older women and younger men meet up date maybe get to know a new partner.Americans online into is dating profile will tell you that need to relationship. When considered in relation to social networked identities, it’s necessary to think about the way personhoods/personas on social media are forced to do the work of getting to “build relationships with others,” a task that was previously done through less hi-tech and more in-person means.

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