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Our BFF Your Mama over at already broke the story about You Tube star Jordan Maron’s .5 million house in the Hollywood Hills.Now here we have a guy calling himself Husky Starcraft (real name: Mike Lamond) who has nearly 1 million subscribers on the You Tube, a perfect procrastination tool for most kids and a money-minting gold mine for a select few others.Call Yolanda a jaded beotch, but we’ve long ago ceased being confounded by the way some folks earn their millions here in Los Angeles.Actually, we think that’s actually one of the primary reasons we continue to be fascinated by real estate in this particular city. Now you can do Raids with me, Jesse (OMFGCata) and Crendor! I never really do raids but I really want to try one now! "Well then lucky im doing a TGS podcast with Jesse, John and Eric tomorrow.I also pulled on my black converse high tops, because you know, no outfit is complete or awesome without converse.Husky began following the electronic sports community when he discovered GOM TV, a streaming service in South Korea that broadcast Star Craft gameplay from professional gamers.

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While the screen was still black I was looking at my green and blue eyes and wondered why I was so short. "I'm sorry about Husky guys, but I'm not about to be a real sister, barge down his door and tell him to shut up, because that would be supes rude! " I ended up naming that video "GAMING NEWZ: Gangnam's Effective Style Of Cyberpunk" Ro walked in right as I finished filming that video.

An avid fan of real-time strategy video games, Husky first learned of Star Craft when he was 11 years old.

He stated that he played for 12 years, and spent most of his time on Blizzard's online server, accumulating several thousand played matches.

That honor goes to his girlfriend Rosanna Pansino (real name: Rosanna Reardon) who runs an oddball yet massively successful cooking show on You Tube called “Nerdy Nummies” that has somehow racked up a flabbergasting seven million subscribers.

She’s also got more than 2 million followers on Instagram, and more than 250k peeps on Twitter.

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