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Is it so wrong to try to meet as many people as possible while avoiding a serious relationship in the process?

Our generation has been labeled as commitment-phobes, but many of us embrace the independence and versatility that comes with a no-strings-attached lifestyle.

Checking their smart phone, watching tv, or praying.

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For freshmen first arriving at college, the hookup scene is often an unexplored wonderland of boxed wine, cheap lingerie, and sweaty frat parties. Adults seem to think we’re all sex-crazed emotionless teenagers who have traded relationships for one-night stands, long conversations for heart emojis, romantic dinners for Tinder dates.

Every Friday night, girls don their gold glitter eye shadow, overpriced Urban Outfitters crop tops, and high-waisted shorts; guys spritz on some Axe, buy a 30-pack, and adjust their snapbacks. Hundreds of people (most of whom happen to be over 30) have analyzed, criticized, and studied this new subculture. As part of an anthropology class last fall, I interviewed 23 freshmen about hookup culture—their experiences, whether they liked it, why they did it. Many college students still have relationships, fall in love, and experience heartbreak.

” When I asked a guy why he participated, he told me, “I just don’t want to put the time and effort into a serious relationship.

And I don’t necessarily want to be limited to one girl.” First-year students want to explore their options and settle into college.

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