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I also appreciated his thoughts on why the WWE won the "wrestling wars" against WCW.

I never could understand how that happened as I thought WCW was a much better product. It was a good read for someone that has enjoyed wrestling for years.

The later is a little better, but there’s still a lot of stuff that will get in your way. We ran into so countless instances where enemies were just floating in the air, sometimes upwards of five stacked inside of one another like a Russian nesting doll. In the picture below, you can see Vetra skating off this platform into thin air. It’s not that big of a deal, but it happens somewhat frequently. Thankfully, this happened only once and we saved a couple minutes before hand.

Also we had a few times where NPCs would push you out of scene.

Sure, open world games have their share of issues, but our times with Andromeda was severe.

We ran into an endless onslaught of problems that just worsened as the game progressed.

In one of the most violent outbursts in history a little-known tribe of Eurasian nomads breaks upon the great societies of the Old World like a human tsunami.

It may have ushered in the modern era, but at what cost?

I can remember the night Jr lost the title to Harley Race. The station we were watching actually ran a crawler stating that Jr. I enjoyed hearing his stories of being on the road and the crazy things he and the others did.Olympus has announced its latest Tough camera, the TG-5.Following the family of Tough cameras before it, the new Olympus model is everything you expect it to be.Every time we began to have fun, we were quickly reminded of how unpolished it is. There are a handful of bosses in Andromeda, be it optional or through a story mission.We just wanted to share some of the glitches that we encountered on our journey. Not necessarily always going into a T-pose, but characters will constantly be doing their regular activities nowhere near where they’re supposed to. We encountered one of the more annoying glitches where one of the few Remnant Architect fights completely glitched. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture all of the glitches, but we may as well list the remaining issues we ran into.

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