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Of course upon discovering that the location this scene was shot at was just over the hillside, I wanted to pay homage to Blixen and her story by recreating the iconic photo from the movie — picnic and all! It’s Spencer Barnes again, here to chat some more about skincare and makeup.This time, we are going in-depth about bridal looks.

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Julianna had an affair with Wicks From August 2008 till November 2009. After the separation with Wicks, she got attached to Ryan Seacrest; an American Radio personality.The bride's brother, Derek Hough, just revealed when the wedding will take place.Drumroll please…Hough and Laich will be tying the knot this July—in less than two weeks, according to , as he also spilled some other big day details from his sister's upcoming wedding."I'm excited! "My baby sister [is] getting married [and] it's gonna be special to have the whole family there. ""It's gonna be like, a week-long event," he explained."There's always surprises with my family that aren't planned, so there [will be] plenty of surprises."We can't wait!Actress Julianne Hough has set a wedding date after postponing her nuptials earlier this year.

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